Ubuntu Eats doesn’t just bake great food for you.
It’s a movement.

A movement where every sweet and savoury morsel is crafted with purpose, every bite deepens connections, and every shared delight brings us one step closer to a world rich in harmony and community. To nourish the community one hand pie at a time!

Ubuntu Savoury Pies

Savoury Pies

Ubuntu Sweet Pies

Sweet Pies

Ubuntu Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

Ubuntu Gluten Friendly Pies

Gluten Friendly

Ubuntu Vegan and Vegetarian Pies

Vegan & Vegetarian

Ubuntu Hearty Stews

Hearty Stews

Baking a difference.

You are the hero of the story. Ubuntu Eats is here to help you be successful—sometimes that means baking you the most amazing hand pies ever baked, and other times it is helping you and your group raise funds for a new park, or uniforms, or band instruments.

Whatever we can bake to help you in your journey we are here.

Monthly Special Pies and Mooooooooore.