Cheezed Spinach


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Perfect as a hearty snack, quick lunch, or a flavourful appetizer, our spinach and feta vegetarian hand pie is versatile, satisfying, and mouth-wateringly delicious. It’s a celebration of simple, yet exquisite flavours that come together in one portable, convenient package.

6 in stock


Savour the harmonious blend of fresh, wholesome ingredients with our spinach and  cheese vegan hand pie. Filled to the brim with a comforting medley of tender spinach and rich plant based cheese, this hand pie is a vegan’s dream come true. Complementing this delectable filling are hints of carrot and an expert blend of spices, all wrapped in our iconic flaky, buttery vegan puff pastry.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, plant based butter, spinach, plant based cheese, carrots, spices.


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