I am, because we are.

Each time I start talking about ubuntu, it turns to be a long conversation, so much so because it has been the fibre of my upbringing, my life and my thought process – well, for the most part ☺.

Ubuntu is a Ndebele/Xhosa/Zulu word. Those are languages found in Southern Africa – the philosophy is however, not confined to these languages, it is spread across the Bantu languages. An adage or proverb in the Ndebele languages goes: Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – directly translated – a person is a person because of other persons. So – the definition of Ubuntu simply put is “I am, because we are.” To further break it down, an individual is who they are because of other people. So, we all are because of others – no man is island. Humanity – you and me – everyone – oneness – community

Ubuntu is founded on respect, kindness, and dignity for humanity. Ubuntu – a word in my language that is derived from a pro-noun umuntu (a person) – is a word my mum often uses to help guide my decision making. In other words, my mum says to me – process it this way, Is it respectful to the other person or yourself? Is it kind? Is it dignifying? If the answer is no – then maybe, it’s worth re-evaluating.

Ubuntu can be defined and done is so many ways. Thank you mama, you are one of the humblest, loving, respectful, caring, altruistic, impartial, considerate, gracious, forgiving, level headed and content human, who finds joy in the simple things. My mom, Judith, was my first example and teacher of Ubuntu – yet today I am surrounded by Ubuntu, starting with the person who encouraged me (our organization) to start this blog and much more – heart emoji. Our family, friends, neighbours & business partners – thank you.

Who do you see as one person you know or met that has portrayed Ubuntu? Remember, Ubuntu needs no money or any kind of riches – it’s in you to give (heart emoji)

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  1. Joan Stauffer December 15, 2023 at 10:41 am - Reply

    I heard the food commentator on CBC Radio this morning and am sold on trying your pies.
    Now I need to know how I can purchase them.
    The concept is beautiful and very foreign to our North American culture. I hope to meet you and to try your GF pies especially and support what you are doing. All the best in your venture.

    • Xolani Ncube December 24, 2023 at 7:25 am - Reply

      Hi Joan,
      Thank you for reaching out. We hope we will do our best to live and demonstrate this beautiful concept. We look forward to meeting you and chatting more on this concept. Cheers.

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